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Popy unhappy with ‘Sonabondhu’ | Content Source: Prothom Alo | Sep 04, 2017

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Popy unhappy with ‘Sonabondhu’

| Content Source: Prothom Alo | Sep 04, 2017

Once Dhallywood heartthrob Sadika Parveen Popy, widely known by her nickname, has made her comeback with Eid release ‘Sonabondhu’.


Popy unhappy with ‘Sonabondhu’

The national award winning actress normally celebrates Eid day in her village home, Khulna. She, however, spent this Eid in Dhaka for the film release.

Have you watched the movie in theatre?

No, not yet. But, I’m planning this, this week. I was busy with Eid-ul-Azha and went to my relatives’ places for the next two days. Couldn’t manage time to watch the film.

How are the audience reacting?

The ones who have watched this are saying the film was ‘okay’. I wasn’t expecting the people of Harry Potter’s age, to like a film of folk genre. But the sad part is around one third of my appearances in the film was cut by the editors.

How’s that?
I agreed to do the film based on the script and storyline. I still have the main script with me. Shooting was done accordingly. But when I started watching it a few days just before the release, I couldn’t relate with the film. I felt like three-quarters of my scenes have been cut from the movie, and it is very disrespectful for an artiste. The character was completely transitioned to an ordinary one. People are going to be extremely disappointed seeing me in such a role, but my best wishes are with ‘Sonabondhu’.

Where did you celebrate Eid?

In Dhaka. I usually spend two Eids in my hometown Khulna. After long three years, this year I celebrated Eid in Dhaka for my film. I visited some of the television channels to promote the film, before and after the release.

Did you sacrifice any animal?

Yes, I have been doing this since 1997. This year, I did it in Khulna, and my parents did it in Dhaka. I distributed the meat with my own hands and also sent a section to orphanages. Things like these serve me the peace of mind.

‘Rangbaaz’, and ‘Ahangkar’ have released this Eid. Are you going to watch these in theatres?

Watching movies in theatres is something else. I am willing to watch the two films. If time and opportunity favour me I’m sure I’ll. But, ‘Sonabondhu’ is the first thing on my list now.

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